Monday, December 10, 2012

2012 Author Wrap-Up with Jane Nickerson

Jane Nickerson, author of one of my favorite new historical fictions, debuting in March, is here to wrap up the year! 

GC: What is best book you read in 2012?        

JN: A DARK HORN BLOWING, by Dahlov Ipcar, publication date, 1978, so yes, it’s an oldie but a goodie. It’s the story of a woman kidnapped by the Erl king to nurse the newborn prince. Beautifully written.

GC: What was your favorite thing you wrote in 2012?

             JN: I had no earth-shaking life experiences in 2012 to sign my name to, so it would have to be MIRK AND MIDNIGHT HOUR, which will be out in 2014 (I guess—they haven’t told me yet).

GC: What was your biggest writing struggle in 2012, and how did you overcome it?        

JN: Forcing myself to write every weekday. I don’t know why it’s so hard to make myself sit down and do it, when, once I’m doing it, I love it. There’s always something I think I have to do first. So, I tell myself, “You only have to write 500 words.” Then, even though it’s only myself that I’m fooling, I get myself going and will write for hours.

GC: What can readers expect from you in the new year?      

JN: My debut, STRANDS OF BRONZE AND GOLD will be out in March.

GC: Write down your 'Writing Resolution of 2013!'.  
 JN: I’ll be working on the revisions to MIRK AND MIDNIGHT HOUR all spring, and will get ROOTS OF TWISTED TREES (working title) to my agent before next summer. Then I’ll have to get going on the second book of TREES, because I have too much material to put it in one book.

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