Thursday, November 1, 2012

NaNoWriMo 2012

That's right.

It's time.

At dawn, we ride! 

Dearest Readers, pardon me for my upcoming hibernation, I am only trying to write an entire novel in a month. 


I really need this shove for reasons I don't want to express now. I'm saving all my feels for this manuscript, which is a very feelsey story for good reason. 

These are feeling times for me. 

I'm doing this with my BFF, Kelsey Sutton (Whose novel, Some Quiet Place, you will continue to hear about here on MPB, so just spare me the trouble of fangirling all over things and add it to your Wanna-Read shelf on Goodreads!) and a bunch of other writers! 

And with YOU, I hope! 

Please buddy me and motivate me to reach this goal of completing my manuscript this month. If I do I will give you all the feelsiest of feelsy posts all about my feelings. 

I know, shock.

Okay, buddy up with me here

Add Kelsey's book to your Wanna Read here.

Check out my Pinterest board for my current WIP here.

And don't e-mail me. Seriously. Please? I beg of you. E-mail will make me feel obligated to respond like nothing. Leave all your e-mails for December! 

Tweet me now! Tweeting is fun, easy and I don't get sucked into Twitter nearly as often as I get sucked into reading all my e-mails. I don't know why. I'm an odd duck.

Posts will run through the end of the year, but I will actively be writing for MPB again come January, until then, this baby is pre-set for something like 50 posts and is soaring at a cruising altitude of awesome. 

Join the coast, Readers! 

Whilst I fret over wordcount you just coast along. 


Kelsey said...

Aw haha <3 ARE WE RIDING?

Ash said...

I've been writing for days now, finally starting going through my e-mails to catch up on all my favorite blogs because I had hit a low point in my own story, then read this and feel pumped all over again! THANK YOU!

Oh, and I went ahead and added you on NaNoWriMo, I hope you don't mind terribly. I'm TypingTiara on the site. :]