Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Mod Podge Thoughts (11)

Happy July Fourth! How about a few mini-reviews to go with your fireworks?


by Alethea Kontis


I adored this book, which has come the closest of any book I've read to giving me the same feeling first felt when I read Shannon Hale's masterpiece, The Goose Girl. If you love MPB, and my taste in books, you will love Enchanted.

Forest Born 

by Shannon Hale


I liked it, but didn't love it as I loved Goose Girl. Now that I've rounded out the series, at least for now (I really do hope she writes a book from Tusken's POV,) I would rank the four books as follows: The Goose Girl first, followed by Enna Burning, then Forest Born, and finally, River Secrets. I love this series, and hope you'll all give it a try!

Eyes Like Stars

by Lisa Mantchev


FANGIRLING REVIEW! FANGIRLING, I tell thee! This book is something very, very special. Perfectly incandescent, and utterly magical, Eyes Like Stars will captivate even the lowliest of Players and least likely of Readers, for as they say in the Theatre, there all no small parts, only small fairies. 


by Maggie Stiefvater


I loved Maggie's writing in Shiver, but wasn't too sold on the characters. Grace and Sam are nice enough, but Isabel and Cole are where it's at for this reader. I was very happy to have the additional narrators in Linger, but somewhere along the way I must admit I did fall in love with Grace, and then Sam, and finally, Grace and Sam. If I had my copy of Forever in NC with me I would have already read it, because Forever can't come soon enough!


by David Auburn


It's a play, not a book, but I still thought that it deserved a review, this is the Mod Podge Bookshelf, after all. Proof was extremely compelling and I believe it would appeal to some of my more literary readers. 

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