Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mod Podge Thoughts (10)

A Game of Thrones

by George R. R. Martin


This book is as incredible as everyone says, and the TV show is just as good. In fact, I caught the plague in the middle of reading and watched GoT Season one. I stopped reading the book for a while because I felt I was re-reading back-to-back, that's how impressive the two are! 

Eternal Spring Anthology:

The Princess of Egypt Must Die by Stephanie Dray


I'm specifically only reviewing this short story as it was the only one that truly kept my attention. I began every short story, but was only entranced by Dray's work. Long time followers may be calling foul, because as y'all know, Steph and I are *like this.* However, consider that we only became close after I began reading her Cleopatra Selene novels and it all becomes clear- I'm drawn to Steph's writing and her characters like I'm drawn to Steve Madden shoes.

Grave Mercy

by Robin LaFevers


I wanted to love it, I really should have loved it, but about a hundred pages in I realized, shouldn't a book about assassin-nuns be a whole lot more exhilarating? And then I moved on.

Free Four: Tobias Tells the Story

by Veronica Roth


No offense Tris, but I love your man...

Whoa, Tris, watcha doin' with that knife? 


*scampers back to Candor and reminds self to shut mouth around the Dauntless*

The Immortal Rules

by Julie Kagawa


This is my kind of vampire book. Still not my favorite Kagawa, Iron Queen reigns supreme, but Julie has provided readers with another maddeningly addictive story arc that leaves me wanting book two NOW! 


Jess said...

Okay, I have to read Game of Thrones now. I've heard so many good things about the book.

I actually enjoyed Grave Mercy, It starts off a little slow but picks up a little at the end.

Ashley said...

Regarding Grace Mercy - I felt similarly about the first 100 pages. I was pretty bored and considered putting it down. But things did pick up a lot towards the end. It still wasn't an amazing book, but it got better enough for me to give it 4 of 5 stars :)