Friday, April 20, 2012

Cover Lover (4) Kick-Butt Covers

My name is Gabrielle Carolina, and I am a cover lover with a question:

Are kick-butt babes the new girls in glamorous gowns?




Personally I'm having a cover crush on those just above this comment. Somehow these girls are managing to look feminine and fearsome! In the words of the Cheetah Girls, Growl power, baby! 


Sheena-kay Graham said...

Personally I think butt girls are getting kind of old. I still think it's a good thing though. Awesome covers.

Christina said...

To be fair, some of the Gals n' Gowns also look kick ass.

And I think the girl on the Defiance cover is wearing pants, not a dress. She just has an epic cape.

That is all.

Adriana C said...

Beautiful covers!! I´m a book cover lover too!

Lynne said...

these covers are awesome!!

Because nothing says fierze like a beautiful young girl in a flowing, form-fitted, jewel-toned haute couture gown and toting a ginormous katana sword. Hiyyyahhh!

I'm a sucker for a gorgeous cover too.