Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Character of Names with Zoraida Cordova

Today Mergirl, Zoraida Cordova, joins me to discuss the character of names under in her Vicious sea!

The Character of Names

By Zoraida Cordova

Tristan Hart (merdude) - I picked it out during an Arthurian Lit class in college. Tristan and Isolde is one of my favorite stories and the name just hit a cord in me. 

Layla Santos (human chick) - I happened to be listening to that song while looking for the right girl's name. The last name is Spanish, and it means Saint. She isn't a saint, but in some ways, she is there to save a part of Tristan. 

Kurtomathetis (court merman) - It's severe, much like Kurt. And in some mythology text, a turtle god. 

Thalia (court mermaid) - Greek muse. Thalia is worthy of being a muse. 

Gwen (mermaid princess) - Yes, famous Arthurian name, but this one was an accident. She has the tendency to be a bitch, and that's the first name that came to mind.  

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Allie Rose said...

HAHAHAHA. "She has the tendency to be a bitch..." That's awesome.

This is a really great post. I love it when authors explain how/why they picked their characters' names. :)