Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kony 2012

Do you remember that time we, as bloggers, were outraged by the SOPA/PIPA act that would take away our online freedoms?

Do you remember what we did?

Do you remember how it changed everything?

By the grace of God SOPA/PIPA did not pass and now I think I understand why:

If SOPA/PIPA had won, taking this Social-Media centered action to stop the Rebels would not be possible.

The platforms we have cultivated as bloggers do wonders for different communities, different products, and different people seeking different things.

However in one regard we were all united; we went black, making what was once visible, invisible, so that people would understand what a World Wide Web under the dominian of SOPA/PIPA would look like. 

Now we must make the invisible, visible.

We must make Kony famous, not to celebrate him, but to bring to light his crimes against humanity, his crimes against families, and most importantly, his crimes against the children of Uganda and other African nations.

This is Joseph Kony, the Invisible Man who has taken young girls and boys from their homes in the dead of night to become sex slaves and child soldiers for over twenty-five years:

We will see him captured. We will see the children he has taken brought home. We will see this happen this year.


First of all, I urge you to pray for this uprising to be effectual, pray for the families who created the Invisible Children documentaries that started this whole thing, and for the hearts of American leaders to accept that doing what is right is more important than doing what is easy.

Second, I urge you to sign the official petition and spread the word in every way you can, bringing people back to this post, to the original video and to the Invisible Children Website. Follow @Invisible on Twitter and watch #Kony2012 trend!

Thirdly, to all my fellow bloggers, to my readers, to my twitter followers and Facebook friends, to anyone who reads my reviews on Goodreads, or follows this blog by e-mail, I ask that on April 20th you will join me by covering the online streets and world-wide walls of the Internet with posters like these:

Include the documentary/link that explains why one man began this journey and why we have seen fit to follow in his footsteps. 

Please plan to participate, and add your name to the Mr. Linky below so that on April 20th we can find each other and tweet each other's posts, comment on each other's messages, and watch each other's Youtube videos. 

Then pass this along. Make a blog post, or e-mail me at and I will send you the HTML of this exact post. Tweet about it constantly; get your friends talking on Facebook when you make this your cover photo and Kony's face your profile picture.

"Do you hear my words?

Do you know what I mean?

WE are going to stop them."

In God I trust.

Gabrielle Carolina

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Elisa @AverageAdvocate said...

Hey! If you can send me your html code about this I will post this on my blog- probably edited slightly so the section on censorship makes sense to my readers. Thanks! Good stuff :) Thanks for taking a stand!