Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday Will Be Fearless

I'm strangely glad I forgot to post my News Years Resolution vlog until now as I needed a reminder about my goals. 

You'll see why I needed this extra 'oomph' manana....


Joanna said...

Hey Gabrielle... watched your totallybooksessed vlog today. I can't believe you forshadowed Twilight's J&R connection. I actually loved Twilight, and didn't see that coming.

I agree with not giving your characters a totally HEA because that's really not how life alway is. That's why Anna Godberson's The Luxe series is one of my favorites. I was surprized that all her girls didn't get a 100% happy ending.

Can you say if your book is more of a contempory, fantansy, or combination of each setting?

Gabrielle Carolina said...

Joanna- the book I am currently querying is a YA contemporary crossover to women's lit, but my series is an urban fantasy crossover with historical fiction.

Thank you for asking!