Monday, January 9, 2012

The Mind Readers

The Mind Readers

Author: Lori Brighton

Publisher: Self-published

Pages: 170 Pages (kindle)

Read Time: 4 days

Tag Words: Supernatural, paranormal, abilities, first in a series

My Summary:

Cameron can reads minds, her friend’s don’t know that she’s a freak, and she’s too aware of it.

When a mysterious stranger shows up in her hometown to shed some light on her past, and show her what her future could be should she join him, she is only too eager to find a place to belong.

But as all things that are too good to be true, it may not be worth the cost.

My Review:

I rarely review self-published novels, and this book is the epitome of why. They are nearly always a disappointment, because they skip going through the rock tumbler hundreds of times. They are unfinished, for the most part, they are incomplete in some way, more often than not.

In the road to publication draft one will change. Not once, not twice, not even five times, but possibly hundreds of times over; so many eyes are watching for the flaws, big and small. Self-published authors usually did not participate in this book boot-camp, which isn’t their fault, it just is what it is, and usually that means a good, sometimes a terrible, first draft of a book that goes no farther. (Note: Please understand, I realize some SP authors will/do edit, but things don't really change much, they will, for the most part, come across as first drafts.)

Brighton’s The Mind Readers is basically the best first draft of a book you will ever read; it’s a shame it’s a final copy.

Now, if I had been part of Mind Readers entourage the first thing I would have told Brighton is that she has two books within this one story.

I would have told her to flush out the story of Cameron and Lewis going after the pervert teenage murderer from the first thirty pages of this book, using the sleuthing to build Lewis & Cameron as a couple in a more intimate and true way. From there it becomes more conceivable to the reader that Cameron would go with Lewis to the house in South Carolina, where the relationship begins to falter and deteriorate as Cameron learns the truth of what goes on underground.

This would have made me question Lewis without rejecting him, and his actions/motivations, completely. As it is, I always smelled something fishy, Cameron’s choices were too forced and unbelievable, Lewis is wishy-washy, and not worth any girls time, their relationship was always false to me. I was an unconvinced reader and I won’t be reading book two.

Like I said, a great first draft, but there is no doubt this book needed to go through the rock tumbler many more times before being published.

Notes on the Names:

The only name I didn’t enjoy, and didn’t feel went with the others was the name of the MC, Cameron. An ambiguous, 90’s throw-back name, Cameron never sat right with me.

Thoughts on the Cover:

The cover. is the best part, even if it’s a tad dramatic and stereotypical for the genre.

Parental Book Review *spoilers*

Lost my notes on this one. It is so hard to PBR an e-book. This should, however, give you a general idea.

Sexual Content:


Passionate kissing.

Younger girl dating and older man.





A girl is Murdered.

Torture of a secret agent, not seen, just talked about.

Violent scenes of Cameron reading minds that involves blood and the breaking off of memories.

Other Notables:


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A. Knight said...

Aww, I hate disappointing reads. I hate when a book lets me down, but, in your case, it sounds as if you were expecting it so I won't feel too badly for you ;P

- Asher (from Paranormal Indulgence)