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Fury of the Phoenix

Fury of the Phoenix

Author: Cindy Pon

Publisher: Greenwillow Books

Pages: 359

Read Time: 1 Day

Tag Words: Silver Phoenix, Kingdom of Xia series, high fantasy, kick butt heroines, love story, adventure, romance, heaven and hell

My Summary:

Nearly a year ago Ai Ling destroyed the man who was her incarnations immortal love. Now, he is haunting her from the underworld.

To get what he wants Zhong Ye will go to great lengths to bring Ai Ling, and Silver Phoenix, to hell, will he succeed?

My Review:

First of all, I loved the book. I always disclaimer in the first sentence when I do have things to say that could be taken the wrong way later, because I want you to know- I did enjoy, I did find it worth the read, I do love it.

Still, I’ve got words and a place to put them. ; )
Fury of the Phoenix sort of tied up all the loose ends from Silver Phoenix, but it didn’t add anything else. The action so omnipresent in Silver Phoenix dwindled a bit in it’s companion, but what Fury lacked in physical butt-kickery, it made up for in love.

I know it’s wrong, but I love Zhong Ye. I love him! I even sort of loved him in the first book, Silver Phoenix. *Spoiler for all those who have not read SP ahead!* If the love of your life reincarnates to kill you, “Because I loved you,” you know this was a man worth it. I mean Silver Phoenix came back from the grave to set him free from his madness and in Fury of the Phoenix we find out why. *End Spoiler*

The back story of Zhong Ye and Silver Phoenix was captivating, everything I wished for it to be, and more. As much as I enjoy Ai Ling’s love of food, and as many nosebleeds as Chen Young gives me for not admitting his love of Ai Ling, I could have heard not a peep from either of them in this book and would have been just fine. I really love Zhong & Phoenix that much!

I raced right through this book, and can guarantee that if you wanted to know the how behind Silver Phoenix’s ‘why’ in book one, you should read book two immediately!

Notes on the Names:

There was a little boy character named Yam Head in this book. *Snicker*

Thoughts on the Cover:

I think it’s pretty, but I also didn’t feel the dagger was that important in this book. I’ve been trying to decide if there was something that could have been showcased, and I thought, “What about Silver Phoenix and the red breast binder?” “Or Ai Ling and Silver Phoenix’s hair comb?” Like I said, the book screamed more redemption and love, than action this time around. The dagger is a bit of a hoodwink.

Parental Book Review *spoilers*

Sexual Content:


Zhong Ye witnesses sex between Mei Gui and the emperor without carnal description.

Talk of sex within the palace, talk of Ai Ling being a virgin, as would be expected in Xia, and the plot somewhat focuses on the fact that Silver Phoenix loves a Eunuch.



S- 1
Bast--d- 2
C-ck- 1



A fight scene between Zhong Ye and an immortal animal that nearly results in Zhong’s death.

Other Notables:

Zhong Ye begins his pagan practice of stealing souls from convicted criminals in this book.

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