Friday, December 9, 2011

Totally Booksessed

BIG Announcement! 

Recently I filled in for Bailey on the Totally Booksessed channel and due to a small YOP! from the viewers and the fabulousness of the Booksessed Babes, I am your new Saturday! 

If you do not Subscribe to the Totally Booksessed channel, please do that now! 

I will be posting my Booksessed videos here on my blog every Saturday, but you'll want to hear the other girls thoughts, as well. 

I have also recently e-mailed all the winners of the past month-or-so I know, I know here on MPB, so check your inbox!

Merry Christmas,

Gabrielle Carolina


roro said...

yaay youre the new satrday

Sarah said...

Awesome! I loved the video you posted on tuesday! So i am glad you are getting your own day!

A. Knight said...

Thank you for making me laugh so much today! xDDD

- Asher (from Paranormal Indulgence)