Saturday, November 26, 2011

Legend (ARC)

Title: Legend

Author: Marie Lu

Publisher: Putnam

Pages: 320

Read Time: 3 Days

Tag Words: Dystopian, adventure, action, love story, 2011 debut author, crime, society, 

My Summary:

Told in the alternating POV's, Legend is the story of the youngest soldier in the army, girl-genius Jude and Day, the boy she loves, the greatest opposition to the Republic.

My Review:

While I was reading it, I was 100% entertained and intrigued by the characters, but once it was over, I was done. I haven't spend hours thinking about it, considering the morality of this society, or wondering about sequels.

I still think about The Hunger Games and The Uglies. Years later. These dystopians have two sides, kick-butt action and questions posed over society, struggle and how much you are willing to sacrifice. Divergent by Veronica Roth may join this tier if Insurgent proves to be as incredible as it's first installment. However Legend, for all of it's awesome butt-kickery and cool MC's, lacks the mentality of a lasting dystopia series. 

As always, this is my blog, my opinions, and you may get something from these books I never will emotionally, however I only suggest this book if you are solely in need of an action-packed adventure. 
Notes on the Names:

Lovely to meet a June between the pages! June is a name coming back with a vengeance and I support the rise wholeheartedly! Our very own Melissa Walker had a baby this year and named her June!

Other fashionable June's include:

Junia, Juno and Juniper!

Thoughts on the Cover: 

It's trying too hard to be The Hunger Games and failing.

Parental Book Review *spoilers*

A la Reading Teen, thanks Amy!

- some kissing on lips, not intense (maybe four times)
- Hell 5
- Damn 4

- Multiple stabbing
- A woman got shot in the head, blood everywhere
- Limbs get broken (arms, legs)
- There was a kick-boxing ring in a bar, people would bet on the winners
- This book was very bloody at times

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Maji Bookshelf said...

Hmm.. i havent read this book, but im shocked to hear that it actually doesnt stick to your head cuz i heard great reviews about it! But like you said, everyone got their own opinions! but as long as you enjoyed it while reading, thats what really matters ;)
Great Review!
and i really like the way you show the romance and violence and etc! GREAT IDEA!

Farah @ Maji Bookshelf