Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hereafter (ARC)


Author: Tara Hudson

Publisher: HarperTeen

Pages: 404

Read Time: Got to page 175 and stopped.

Tag Words: 2011 debut author, ghost story, love story, supernatural, paranormal, did not finish

My Summary:

Amelia saves a boy from drowning in a river and now she’s all he wants, too bad she died in that same river years before.

Can there truly be life after death?

My Review:

Boring. I kept wanting to like it, but the desire to feel something other than absolutely apathetic can only keep you turning pages for so long.

That is really the only thought I had about the book. That I was bored, 175 pages in. I guess I should point out that nothing had happened to these characters by almost half-way through to make me want to finish, or curious enough to think about it afterwards and regretting closing the book prematurely, but I suppose all of that goes without saying. I needed words to fill up my review, so I told you anyway.

Well, that’s it.

Notes on the Names:

Amelia is a very popular baby name that you don’t read in too many books, so I did appreciate seeing the moniker used.

Thoughts on the Cover:

Many pages were read in the hopes that one day this book could end up on my Mod Podge Bookshelf, sadly, that day will never come. I can still admire from afar, however.

Parental Book Review *spoilers*

A la Reading Teen, thanks Abigaile!

Hell - 5
Damn - 5
Ass - 1
Piss - 4

Sexual - Amelia and Joshua kiss a few times
Joshua and Amelia fall asleep in the same bed. Nothing sexual happens.
Not even kissing.
Eli forces Amelia to kiss him.

Other - Amelia's dad dies.
Ruth believes in ghosts, afterworlds, witchcraft, etc.
Mentions of Joshua having beer in his car.
Lots of underage drinking at parties.
Eli summons Amelia to the afterworld a few times.

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