Monday, October 31, 2011

Angel Burn ARC

Title: Angel Burn

Author: L.A. Weatherly

Publisher: Candlewick Press

Pages: 449

Read Time: 2 Days

Tag Words: Angels, Angels who are like Vampires, Angels who are like Aliens, Angels who aren't like angels but are cool none the less, mad hot love story, great couple, Best I've Read 2011, Debut Author Challenge 2011

My Summary:

Willow has always been a little bit different from other girls, and not just because she knows her way around a carburetor.

Willow can see the future, and the future is filled with angels, but not the guardian kind.

The Church of the Angels will overtake the entire world, and only Willow can stop them from hurting everyone, including the man she loves, Alex, the assassin the angels have hired to kill her.

My Review:

I loved it! I know most people don't like angel books, and I would recommend this book to all of them.

This is an angel book, sure, in name. These creatures are angels, but they're more like vampire-alien-demons. They steal your soul, but you're happy to give it to them, because they do it so softly, you barely know what hit you.

So we've covered that. Not an angel book, don't let the formal title fool you; these are creatures of a Frankenstein-kind. Now let's talk about the love story.

Alex and Willow, probably my favorite couple of the year. I loved them, both individually and together. They love each other and Weatherly gave them the time necessary in the book to truly love each other. Without slowing the pace one iota, Weatherly allowed her characters an escape from running from, and chasing, and shooting at the bad guys to do more than eye-google each other, and then passionately kiss once. They really did fall in love in front of you. It was awesome.

Angel Burn is the strangest book I have read all year, with the best love story. I highly recommend this one when you're ready to quirk your eye at the crazy and sigh at the sweetness.
Notes on the Names:

Willow, I love Willow! Willow is on the rise for baby-namers, leaping from 760 in 2000 to 290 in 2010. It is still considered slightly obscure, but it is the most popular obscure nature name on the SSA list.

Thoughts on the Cover:

Which cover do you like best? The US cover is above, and the UK cover is over there --->

Parental Book Review *spoilers*

A la Reading Teen, thanks Chickies!

Sexual Content:





Angels feed on humans, slowly draining them of life over time.
Angel killers shoot angels, which explode into light.
Some mention of blood.
Some Angels rip out the essence of people, killing them instantly.
Other Notables:
Some underage drinking (minor)
Willow does "psychic" readings, but the reason she's psychic is because she's part angel.
Willow sees a vision of a man who is contemplating suicide.

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