Friday, September 16, 2011

Divergent (ARC)

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Author: Veronica Roth

Publisher: Katherine Tegan Books

Pages: 496

Read Time: 3 Days

Tag Words: 2011 Debut author, dystopian, If You love the Hunger Games, If you Love the Uglies Series, 2011 literary crush, kick-butt heroine

My Summary:

One Choice.

One choice decides your friends, defines your beliefs, and determines your loyalties... Forever.

With one choice Beatrice Prior leaves all she has ever know, everything she’s been taught to believe behind.

My Review:

Another A+ review for debut author Veronica Roth! Divergent is great, it’s intelligent, it’s poignant, thought-provoking and interesting. I’m totally sold and am eagerly awaiting book two, aptly named Insurgence.

Since this book has already been established as awesome by every other blogger, I want to use this review to discuss something else entirely. Which is better, The Hunger Games, or Divergent?

I believe The Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld should also be up for consideration. In fact I think Uglies fans might be the bigger supporters, rather than Hunger Games 'Tributes' (The new Twihards) due to nature/structure of Roth’s society.

Is one truly better than the other? Well, what makes 'better'? Writing? Intellect? Plot? Characters? Or is it the X factor that determines who wins? If so, then it’s up to readers, not as a unit, giving out trophies, but up to individuals with whom each book resonates for different reasons at different times.

The Hunger Games means a lot to me. A lot. I write that and tears come to my eyes, no, really, I’m not being dramatic, in fact I’m a little shocked to find them there right now. But come, they do. Because of Katniss, and the arena, and how she moves forward, but it’s not 100% a happily-ever-after and how some things that are lost are just lost. Collins didn't find a way for the character to gain, even after she served an entire nation with everything she had, she wasn't rewarded ten fold. I also love The Uglies, because who hasn’t felt ugly and like they were missing out on something, only to become Pretty and realize how superficial their desires were? Who hasn’t been hardened at some point in life and done something that changed everything else, even themselves? I can relate to all three Tally’s, and the one Katniss. I can also relate to Tris; I’m a bird leaving the nest, I can attest to the fact that sometimes that one choice can change everything, and not to be all braggy, but I would be a Divergent. Spend five minutes with me and you will see my conflicting personality traits. We're all unique, but I have two distinctive pieces, no denying that. Very Divergent.

So if we’re going on X factor for this reader I would choose Hunger Games, but I don’t consider it the “winner,” because all of these books have each been a crutch to me at some point in my life and that is wonderful. As a writer I can tell you that  that is exactly why I write, so that hopefully, maybe, someday, my book will end up in Reader-X’s hands and they will be helped, or healed by it, no matter how big or small that difference will be. I'm sure that same purpose entered Roth, Collins, & Westerfeld's minds at some point in their journey.

What about you? What is your X-factor book? I tend to find that X-factor in dystopians, in what genre do the heroines of your heart make their appearance?

Notes on the Names:

All the names were very vintage-throwback! I loved that Roth obeyed the 100 year rule (the rule that states every 100 the same names will become current again,) even in a futuristic society, that all the names meshed, and looked good together.

Another note on the names, I love that the loyalty of the fans is so that people aren’t using Four’s real name and spoiling anything! Speaking of which..., let’s not speak of him, or else we’ll be here for another hour...or ten. Love Four.

Thoughts on the Cover:

Do you think the covers-to-come will have other Factions signs?

Seeing as how Tris is a Divergent, I could see this happening!

Parental Book Review *spoilers*

From Reading Teen, thanks Andye!

Sexual Content: Mild with some talk about sex
Profanity:  Mild
Violence:  Very Heavy
Other Notables:  Some drinking, though not necessarily illegally.


Anonymous said...

I LOVED DIVERGENT - man I cannot wait for insurgent. The hunger games; they were amazing, I love happy endings but I think Suzanne was true to the story and characters by ending it with a bitter sweet ending. I know what you mean about the tears, my chest gets tight with emotion when I think about this series, I was sobbing like a baby while reading book three. Eeep. Ace Review!

We Heart YA said...

Ooo, we just got this in from the library. Can't wait to start reading!

And aww, we love your discussion of your favorite series (Hunger Games and Uglies) and how much they meant to you. We have to go with Hunger Games, b/c it was just so MASTERFULLY done in every way. But we also agree that different books will resonate with different readers, and even the same readers at different times. Like Anne of Green Gables or Harry Potter! Sometimes you just need something lighter or more magical. ;)