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The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer (ARC)

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer

Author: Michelle Hodkin

Publisher: Simon & Shuster

Pages: The ARC is 446 pages, but the finished copy is getting a major re-write, so, who knows?

Read Time: Two Days

Tag Words: What did I just read?, Boys in Books Do it Better, 2011 Debut Author, Authors who are my best friend, Did I mention a Crush-worthy guy?

My Summary:

There’s a boy with a panty-dropping smile, what else do you need to know?

My Review:

When I met Michelle at BEA this past May she signed my ARC, "Would you kiss him back?"

My answer:

Oh. *head bang* My. *head bang* Gosh. *passes out from all the headbangs* *Noah comes and carries me to bed* He’s so thoughtful that way. *smelts* *Kisses him until he's blue in the face!*

Now where was I? I don’t even know where I was, all I know is that I’ve been dreaming about a boy like Noah Shaw my whole life, and then there he was in all his infuriating, sexy, British glory. GAH!!!!!

The story is great, better than great, I just have one problem with it. The hype.

I “called” this book, if you will, back before there was a cover, nearly a year ago when it first popped, rather inconspicuously up on Goodreads. I just read the synopsis, sat back in my chair and said, "Whoa." After Michelle freaked that I had added her book to my Debut-Reads list last December I e-mailed her and told her not to have a cow, but her book was going to be huge. I don’t mean to inflate my own hubris, but I have killer instincts, my instincts come with a body count rivaled only by Mara Dyer. Seriously.

So because of all the hype, and because I’ve been a part of creating it, praising the book before I even read it, and listening to all the gossip about what might really be going on between the covers, and all of that, I sort of ruined reading the ARC for myself. I “knew” what might happen before it did, due in part to spoilery gossip, and because of educated guessing. I was right. My instincts strike again! However, Michelle has just turned the tables on us.

The most highly anticipated book of the year is getting a re-write before the final copy hits the shelves. I get to read the book again, without knowing if all that I know is really real, finally!

Thanks, Michelle, I have such and awesome best friend. ; )

Notes on the Names:

I’ll leave you with this.

Mara Dyer is a pseudonym.

Thoughts on the Cover:

My first thought, was, of course, how gorgeous it is, how well the font is formatted, and how unique the entire design is!

After reading the book, I can’t help but wonder who this boy is with Mara, and if he’s saving her, or drowning her.

Then my mind explodes.

Both the song, and the video are perfect for this book!

Parental Book Review *spoilers*

A la Reading Teen, Thanks Andye!


Very Heavy

18 A**
14 God
8 Bastard
19 Hell
6 Damn
6 A**hole
1 Incomplete pu-
2 Prick
1 Incomplete whatthef-
1 Di**head
7 Sh**
4 Di**
4 Bullsh**
14 Fu**
3 Bit**
3 Jesus
2 Christ

Sexual Content:

Very Heavy

Mention that a girl used to be "the abstinence poster girl" but after she dated Shaw, "you could write a comic book about the many adventures of her vagina."
Jamie says Shaw has a "panty-dropping smile."
Jamie tells Mara that Shaw will screw her literally and figuratively
Sexual innuendo/double entendras
A girl says that Noah is an awesome lay.
Jamie says Noah treats girls like condoms. Used once then discarded
Jamie mentioned getting caught with his hand up a girl's skirt and that she wears thongs.
Memory of boy forcing himself on Mara, hitting her, hands up her shirt, unbuttoned her jeans. He was stopped.
Noah and Mara kiss passionately in Noah's bed.
Noah slept in Mara's bed with her. Nothing happened
Mara is afraid she'll kill Noah if she kisses him, but decides they could sleep together without kissing. She starts to unbutton his shirt, but he stops her.



Mara's friends are killed when a building collapsed on them
Mara has a vision of a horrible man murdered. Details: skull caved in, gaping, pulpy hole, flies in his mouth, blood pooling.
Noah punched a guy for insulting Mara
Mara frequently sees the ghosts of her dead friends.
Mara's teacher choked on her own tongue: descriptions - eye bulging, staggering around, turning blue.
Some description of a girl who was killed then torn apart by an alligator.
Mara decides she'll try to kill someone (with her mind) on purpose because he's a threat.
A woman shoots a man, mention of blood.

Other Notables:

Mara and her friends use a Ouija board
Noah smokes

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