Saturday, August 20, 2011



Author: Catherine Fischer

Publisher: Dial Books

Pages: 442

Read Time: Three Days

Tag Words: Dystopian, adventure, steampunk, Era, Queen, prison, physics, adventure, legends, battle, struggle, lost princes

My Summary:

No one has ever left Incarceron, but Sappique got out and Finn, the Starseer, will follow in his footsteps, even to his own destruction.

My Review:

This book is kind of an anomaly for The Mod Podge Bookshelf. I feel rather tepid about Incarceron. Did I love it? No. Like it? Not really. Did you hate it? Not at all. Finish it? Absolutely.

Weird, right? I usually can point you in the “right” path, either way. This time, hey, it’s up to you because I’m not sure how I even feel about it. Things I know for sure:

I don’t feel like this was is a dystopian, it reminds me more of a modern-day steampunk adventure story.

When it’s revealed where Incarceron is and how Incarceron works I was incredibly disappointed. My response was an audible, “Really?! That’s stupid. Does that even make sense?!”

I LOVED the Prison. I LOVED that it had feelings, menacing, pitiful and all that fell in between.

I still don’t understand a lot of what happened and don’t feel Incarceron was a very visual book where the reader is taken along for the ride, at the same time I was entertained and the plot flowed well-ish.

So take what you can from that and if you wanted to read Incarceron go ahead! As for Sappique, it may be a while before I get to it, but I will read it.

Notes on the Names:

A HUGE mistake. And yet, in keeping with my how-do-I-feel-about-this review I will say that I LOVED the names.

The mistake? The “outside” of Incarceron lives in “Era” meaning they don’t go past a certain date. Due to the steam-punky feel of the novel I’m going to say something like the Victorian era. But the names stretched those boundaries, the ‘Era’ consistencies did not reach the names.

I will say one of my FAVORITE names was used in this book! Sia! I read that and just about died, I hope it doesn’t catch on when Taylor Lautner begins work on the movie!

Thoughts on the Cover:

A really, really cool cover. If you look closely there are two keys locked together, not just the one! There are also mysterious numbers, gears, cogs, metal leaves and clocks. Pretty, pretty and a great fit for this novel!

Parental Book Review *spoilers* A la Reading Teen (Thanks Amy!)

Sexual Content:




A few each - H***, D***, Oh, God



- In the prison there where beatings and fighting, nothing over the top.
- A woman dies, falls off a bridge.
- some tense scenes involving escape out of the prison

Other Notables:

  Nothing negative, pretty clean read.


Bookish Brunette said...

I've been wanting to read this one for awhile now!!!

Bookish in a Box said...

I liked Incarceron, but it didn't have a huge POP for me either...but then I read Sapphique, and now this is one of my favorite series (if two books can be called a series...)! I think Sapphique feels a little more dystopian, it explains more about the prison and Clara becomes likeable (I thought she was kind of annoying in Incarceron).

Kate said...

I liked it, but it felt a little long to me. I liked the parts with the outside world and the inside, but like you, I feel like there is a lot left to explain for me to like it.

Perhaps in Sapphique, which I admit, I haven't read yet.

Kate said...

I liked it, but it felt a bit longish to me, and there were too many unanswered questions at the end. Perhaps in the sequel we'll know the answers.