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Author: Aprilynne Pike

Publisher: HarperTeen

Pages: 290

Read Time: Two Days

Tag Words: Faery books, series, trolls, unique plot, love triangle, adoption, clean read

My Summary:

Laurel has always been a bit different, she just didn’t know how different until a giant flower bloomed out her back!

With a cast of new friends and two beautiful boys Laurel will discover who she is and what she was born to be... a faery.

My Review:

It’s official! I love faery books!!!!!!!!!!!

Pike’s Wings series begins things with a bang, a thoroughly original MC and a unique set up for the world of Fey. One thing that may be slightly spoilerish to say, but I still will, is how excited I am that this land of the Fey is set in Avalon, and the story draws on Arthurian history to tell the tale. I hope we get more of that in books two, three and four.

There is a love triangle in this book, and that may disappoint some people, but I think Pike is doing a good job of portraying both Tamrel and Laurid in equal light. Pike starts the whole thing off with both boys as a possibility. I still hope Laurel chooses Tamani. David should end up with Chelsea, then we can get more Tam. Done.

The genetics behind the faery’s are cool and a tad scientific, so if you like Science mixing with your fantasy this is the book for you! Pike really thought up her own Codex for these characters and their abilities. I am excited to see where it all goes from here!

Tell me in the comments what your favorite Fey books are. I’ve already read The Iron Fey and The Wondrous Strange series, what other Fey series should I be reading?

Notes on the Names:

Tamani is very interesting, isn’t it? I had never heard the name before, but my first thought was that, though perfect for a male faery, sounds a tad girlie.

I googled the name and Tamani Carter is a male who has been drafted into the NFL.

The name is, however, a girls name with possible German roots, although I’m not quite sure I believe that. If I had to guess the name stems (pun) from Thomas which is an Aramaic name for twin.

Thoughts on the Cover:

I love that they made the petals into Wings, but I prefer the Spells cover as the imagery for Laurels “Wings” and I LOVE the Illusions cover like a mad woman.

Parental Book Review *spoilers*

A la Reading Teen, thanks Andye!

Sexual Content:

-Mild with some sexual innuendo


-One minor word, one heavy word


Good vs. Evil warfare with gunshots. 

Laurel and David survive being drowned. 

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Elaine said...

This series is my favorite faerie series. Period. I've read all three books and they are amazing. I completely agree with you the David should be with Chelsea so Laural can focus on Tamani! If you haven't read Spells and Illusions yet, prepare yourself for some serious love tug-of-war!