Thursday, July 28, 2011

Silver Phoenix

Silver Phoenix

Author: Cindy Pon

Publisher: Greenwillow Books

Pages: 338

Read Time: One Sitting

Rating (1-5): 4

Tag Words: Fantasy, action, reincarnation, battle, legends, true love, great sacrifice, mystical powers, demons, good vs. evil

My Summary:

Ai Ling was never destined to be an ordinary girl, she was born the reincarnation of Silver Phoenix, the greatest warrior under the sun. Now Silver Phoenix’s greatest battle has become her own and as their fates intertwine, evil is brought before Ai Ling at every turn. Who will be victorious?

My Review:

This book is really awesome; it’s my kind of book. 

We begin with an epic fantasy world with a Chinese vibe backing Pon’s characters who are immediately interesting. Ai Ling has always stood out; she’s cursed, as most women are, by the knowledge that she is too much and not enough. She cannot make an appropriate match and feels destined to live and die alone. When her father goes missing she chooses to leave her home and bring him back. Ai Ling is gutsy, but she must become something beyond courageous. 

I can’t wait to see more of Ai Ling’s transformation in book two, as well as more of Silver Phoenix’s story, which happened two hundred years before Ai Ling was born. I still don’t feel like the two are one, yet, but I trust Pon to connect the dots. 

I was completely drawn into the action of the story and the land, even if they monsters became a bit repetitive. At some point I just felt like the characters were senseless. I wanted to say, "When things feel fishy, guys, it’s because things are fishy, not to mention, possessed by Hell-spirits." I hope that is one of the greater lessons the characters will learn in Fury of the Phoenix.

Also, there needs to be more kissing. A lot more kissing. Ai ling, Chen Yong, get it together!  

Notes on the Names: 

I may be known as the Name-Nerd around the Book Blog’o’sphere, but I know less-than-nothing about Chinese names, so I have invited Cindy Pon to answer my burning questions about all things names in her Kingdom of Xia series. 

Thoughts on the Cover:

I love the hardcover, the colors are vivid and make me instantly think of a fantasy land. The only thing that could have made this cover better is if Silver Phoenix/Ai Ling were holding some kind of weapon in her hands, like Chinese throwing stars, or a Samurai Sword. Yeah, I’m one of those girls... the more butt-kickery, the better!

I am not a fan of the new paperback. It’s too dark and the model almost looks like a modern goth, instead of an ancient warrior-being. 

Parental Book Review *spoilers*

Sexual Content: 


Ai Ling finally defeats her enemy on their wedding night with a kiss.

Ai Ling’s husband is not a “complete man” and he describes the day he became a eunuch. 

Li Rong is sharing intimate time with a beautiful woman when she moves between his legs and when next he looks she has turned into a Demon. 





Attempted rape; Good vs. Evil warfare. People being possessed by evil spirits.

Other Notables: 


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Kapri (Book Fanatics) said...

I really need to read this one. It sounds like my kind of book, too. Thanks for the review!