Monday, July 18, 2011

Love Story (ARC)

Love Story

Author: Jennifer Echols

Publisher: Gallery Books

Pages: 256

Read Time: 2 Days

Tag Words: Love Story, Romance Writer, College, NYU, Kentucky Horse Farms, heiress, true love, tragedy

My Summary:

She’s writing about him and he’s writing about her, all the words they’ve left unspoken for too many years.

This is a love story and it starts with a stable boy, as all the best ones do...

My Review:

I really need to not wait a month to write reviews. I’m trying to conjure all my thoughts because this is a book I felt tepid about. Not that I didn’t care, I just know I had things to say and I want to express them carefully.

I felt a great disconnect from the characters in this book. I couldn’t quite ever gage Erin and Hunter’s shared history thoroughly. I still feel like the connecting piece of the puzzle, the piece that convinces me of their Love Story is still sort of missing.

I did enjoy the characters, even if some of their more prominent traits were told to me, not shown to me. I also enjoyed how the story played out, even if bits and pieces seemed a little out of context and slightly unrealistic.

My favorite aspect of the book was one of the most original twists I've seen in a YA book- both characters published their class stories within the text, and I was always looking forward to seeing through Hunter's eyes in that way. The boy can write! ; )

It’s a good story if you enjoy Jennifer Echols. I’ve read one other from her, Forget You, which I enjoyed less than I enjoyed Love Story; I still haven’t read Going Too Far, which I’ve heard is the Echols favorite among devoted readers. I plan to read it soon.

Notes on the Names:

Erin isn’t a Horse-farm heiress’s name. I preferred her middle name Elizabeth.

If I could have named her she would have been:

Vivienne Elisabeth or to take it to the Southern max, Scarlett Elizabeth!

Thoughts on the Cover:

I’m always pleased when the cover designer gets a small detail right, and the stud in Erin’s nose is perfect!

Parental Book Review *spoilers*

Sexual Content:


Sexual innuendo, passionate kissing, a sex scene without detail, and the characters stories revolved around their sexual attraction for each other.

Still, not as graphic as I expected give the authors previous title, Forget You.



D- 8
F- 8
H- 6
B- 5
S- 7
Jesus- 2
Christ- 1
Bast**d- 1



Erin’s mother died from a kick in the head via a horse.

Erin’s father was abusive.

Erin gets hit by a car.

Other Notables:

College Party in a boys shower room with alcohol.

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mfay2 said...

Exactly, I couldn't "connect" with the characters. Something was missing. I don't know what. The whole plot was interesting, it just didn't go where I expected. You have to read Going Too Far. It's very good and hilarious. Jealous police man, girl with weird colored hair... :)

Mary (mfay2) @ Anxirium