Monday, March 7, 2011

Sean Griswold's Head

Sean Griswold’s Head
Author: Lindsey Leavitt
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Pages: 288
Read Time:3 Days
Rating (1-5): 5
Tag Words: Realistic fiction, Contemp Challenge, Disease, crisis, focus objects, first love, triathlon, Bicycling for a cause, therapy
My Summary:
Payton hates that her family didn’t tell her about her father’s MS, a disease that is impairing him and scaring her.
Her guidance counselor suggests a focus object to well, focus on in her time of crisis. Payton chooses Sean, or more specifically, his head. Little does she know that there is so much more to this boy than a finely crafted skull, but she is about to find out! 
My Review:
A terrific realistic fiction that will appeal to all ages! I knew I liked Leavitt when I read her first Princess for Hire book, but now I just adore her and cannot wait for more!
The plot of this story is surprisingly unique and the characters are well executed, plot improving, funny, interesting, emotion-provoking people. You will cheer for Payton, Sean and the rest.
I think Leavitt handled the emotions of a young woman dealing with the prospect of a life-changing disease with grace, tact and brilliant insight. I never had a doubt about where Leavitt was going with the story, or if I would be satisfied in the end; I just knew I would be.
I highly recommend this book, I think everyone has something to gain by focusing on Sean Griswold’s Head. 
Notes on the Names: 
Now we come to my one big annoyance. Payton’s name. I don’t like androgynous names (fancy word for unisex) to begin with, but when you factor in the fact that her parents call her Mi Sol (My sun) and Sunshine I wanted her name to be Shine-worthy. These are Sun-inspired names I think would have made such a sparkling difference:
Elaine/Eleanor/Elena/Helen/Helena- The Sun’s Rays
Idalia- means ‘Behold, the sun!’
Solange- translates to ‘Angel of the Sun’
Soleil- Maybe a bit to Cirque de Soleil, still this french choice is fresh!
Solena- arguably my very favorite sun name
Thoughts on the Cover: It’s a great cover, really, and I am so glad the model looks like Sean!
Parental Book Review *spoilers*
Sexual Content: 
Grady is a “vampire” boy who has “fangs” and he once bit Payton in a threatening manor.
Other Notables: 
Payton’s father is sick with MS.

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This book sounds very, very unique. I'll be looking out for it.
Interesting review and name suggestion you have here.