Thursday, February 17, 2011

If We Kiss

If We Kiss

Author:Rachel Vail

Publisher: HarperCollins

Pages: 259

Read Time: 1 day

Rating (1-5): 4

Tag Words: Valentines Event, ABC Book Challenge (I),chick lit, first kisses, uniting families,weddings, cheating with your best friend’s boyfriend, mother daughter relationship

My Summary:

Charlotte ‘Charlie’ wonders what it would be like if she kissed Kevin Lazarus, the hottie of the ninth grade; when Kevin chooses her best friend, Tess, over her, and Charlie’s mother chooses Kevin’s father Charlie wants to know what would happen ‘If We Kiss’...

My Review:

It’s cute, short and sweet. Charlotte is an interesting little ninth grader, I think she’s on her way to being her own person, even though she get’s a bit side-tracked by the handsome hunk, Kevin.
I think that the way Vail handled the many family dynamics was really something, she convinced me, and that is all I can say without spoiling things.

I’m not much for fluff, but this book is one I am happy to have on my Mod Podge Bookshelf.

Notes on the Names: Charlotte, nn Charlie is such a cute, modern take on a classic name, and one of my guilty-pleasure names for a girl, the other being Elliot. No, I wouldn’t do it, but still! Tess is a very cool name, but I felt like the Tess in the book didn’t live up to the smart and sophisticated look of her name, she was a tad vapid, something like Brooke, Lane, Joy or Brianna would have sufficed. Kevin means ‘The handsome one,’ very well-played card on the part of Vail.

Thoughts on the Cover: I have the hardback cover, it’s pink, and very retro, with two straws coming out of a milkshake to boot! I really like it for all it’s kitchiness!

Parental Book Review *spoilers*

Sexual Content:

The book is centered around a high school freshman having her first kiss, then a second and finally a third. The tongue and “frenching” is quite a fascination for the characters. The first kiss is a bit “lame,” the second goes well, with tongue, and the third is very sweet and quite chaste.





Other Notables:

Kevin and Charlie do go behind Tess’s back in their “kissing-ship” while Kevin and Tess are still dating.

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