Sunday, February 13, 2011

Forget You

Forget You

Author: Jennifer Echols

Publisher: MTV books (an Imprint of Simon and Shuster)

Pages: 292

Read Time: 3 day

Rating (1-5): 3

Tag Words: loss of memory, sex, love, swim team, divorce, attempted suicide, family problems, car accident, Valentines Event

My summary:

Zoey wishes she could forget all the things that her family has recently suffered, like the fact that her mother attempted suicide after her father announced that he was marrying his pregnant mistress. Unfortunately, fate has other games to play with her mind. After a random car accident Zoey is left oblivious to the newest heated love affair happening right under her nose. Her own.

My Review:

I really wanted to like this book, I was physced to like this book, this book and I, I thought we could be one, but after reading Forget You by Jennifer Echols I am having a hard time saying any of that.

To begin with I was a tad confused by the writing sometimes. Some of Zoey’s thoughts were a bit lost to me and the narration jumped around from time to time, so I did have to re-read a sentence, or a paragraph here and there.

Secondly, I just couldn’t get behind Zoey who I thought was so unfeeling towards her mother, and so accepting of her ridiculous father; I felt the brief stints of emotions she did show were directed at the wrong people. Keke and Lila, Zoey’s two Twin-bffs were cute and sweet and though I thought the idea of having twin besties was completely original, they didn't help the plot one way or another. Brandon, well, I don’t hate him, because obviously he is the biggest idiot, no really, he is not smart… like at all- I think this boy has three working brain-cells, so I couldn’t hate him, but I still wanted to crack his skull with a hammer, if only to prove my brainlessness theory.

Post car accident Doug I did like, and I am glad he pursued Zoey so strongly. His back story is very well thought out and emotionally engaging. Without Doug this book might have gotten a two star rating, but Doug is worth a gold star, yes, oh yes, he is!

Finally, I just didn’t feel like the sub-plots panned out, but I did like the original intent. It’s possible that the secondary elements just got over shadowed because Forget You is primarily a love story, but I am of the mind that if you introduce ideas such as Zoey not wanting to be a cheater because of her family’s situation, or Zoey only having sex with Brandon because of her mother’s attempted suicide, then you should follow through with those plot lines from an emotional perspective and tie them up nicely before ‘The End.’

I also felt that the sexual elements, though interesting and well written, were extremely graphic, I was not prepared for the flippant way Zoey handled sex, or the play by play I read. Wow. That was descriptive.

Notes on the Names: Zoey, Keke and Lila all go together swimmingly, pun intended, and I think the breezy beach names add to the Floridian setting. Doug threw me, I wanted desperately for Doug to be a Kai, or a Zeke, something more in line with the three girls. Too bad.

Thoughts on the Cover: A very pretty, and well edited cover, the Zoey and Doug models match perfectly to the descriptions of the characters! Kudos to the design team!

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Erin said...

Thank you for your honest review and for the giveaway! I always think of the Glee song when I see this title, too!

Sarah Lydia said...

I'm sorry you didn't enjoy this one as much as you had hoped. I've heard some mixed reviews about it, but Going Too Far was amazing and I want to read this one also.
Thanks for the giveaway :)