Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Challenges of 2011!

Hello Dearest Page Turners, it is I and this is the first non pre-written post of 2011! Hooray!

I've been away because of a Demonic former laptop I had that was the spawn of Satan pitiably broken. For Christmas I got Sky, my new laptop, she is a Mac and an Angel and super pretty. She is also not possessed by evil slow and passive aggressive, so I am finally able to re-do my Challenges page for 2011! Another Hooray!

These are the challenges I am/will be participating in for 2011.

1) 2011 Debut Author Challenge hosted by The Story Siren

2) The Contemp Challenge

3) The YA Historical Fiction Challenge hosted by Sab at YA Bliss

4) Wish I'd Read That Sooner hosted hosted by My Love Affair With Books

5) 350 Page Books 2011 Challenge hosted by What's Your Story? 

6) Support Your Local Library Challenge hosted by Home Girl

7) The 50 States Reading Challenge hosted by Book Obsessed

8) The Dystopia Challenge hosted by BA Reading Challenges

9) Into the Old World Reading Challenge hosted by My Love Affair With Books and Splash of Our Worlds

10) Show Me The Free hosted by The Unread Reader

11) 2011 E-Book Challenge hosted by The Ladybug Reads

12) Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge Hosted by The Book Vixen (I read 134 books last year and plan to outdo myself by 16 books, bringing my total to 150!)

13) The 2011 100+ Challenge hosted by Home Girl

14) 100 books in a year hosted by Book Chic City

You can keep up with the books I've read this year if you become a friend, or follow my reviews, on Goodreads!

Question for the comments:

Are you saying Twenty-Eleven, or Two-Thousand Eleven?


gabidenise said...

I am saying Two-Thousand Eleven. Twenty-Eleven tends to make my skin crawl.

Cozy in Texas said...

That's an impressive list.

Misha said...

Thanks for participating in the Wish I'd Read That challenge! Best of luck!
You can link you reviews here: