Monday, December 13, 2010

Harmonic Feedback

Harmonic Feedback

Author: Tara Kelly

Publisher: Henry Holt and Co.

Pages: 278

Read Time: I stayed up all night to finish this book.

Rating (1-5): 25!

Tag Words: Social disease, drugs, music, true love, death, overdose, family problems, unique heroine, best friends, lyrics, abusive boyfriends, debut author

My Summary:

Drea is living life avoiding her medication. She wonders why she has to define herself by her Aspergers Syndrome and her ADHD. Why can’t she just be Drea? Why isn’t that enough to make those around her see how special she is? When Drea finally finds two people who see right through her, to her musical soul, she feels accepted and needed, even loved, but one of them was broken long before Drea entered the picture and Drea must learn that sometimes you cannot fix what is broken.

My Review:

This is an amazing book. I want to sit down with Tara Kelly for lunch and spend even an hour seeing the world through her eyes. The thesis for this book is so relevant and beautiful- why must someone with a social disease be judged for it, and all their shortcomings and passions pass through the ‘medicated’ filter.

I feel like Drea and I are soul sisters, though I am not sick in any way, Drea and I see the world of social living in the same way. Why smile when you don’t want to, or put up with chit-chat when there are better things to talk about, even with strangers. Drea is incredible, I felt for her, understand her and want her and Tara to come to a dinner party with me… they can bring Justin with them, in fact, I insist they bring Justin with them, he is my newest literary love!

Naomi is also incredible, she is a complete character, someone I feel I know, someone I wish I could have saved. Drea and I learned at the same pace with our “Naomi;” Slowly, with great grief and confusion. I believed Naomi, her pain, her addictions and the way she sees the world is understandable. I cried and cried when Naomi went too far, and I cried when Drea accepted the loss of her friend. Both scenes are unbelievably amazing.

I felt this book, the music especially, the lyrics just bit my soul and tugged my heartstrings until I bled out. I feel like this book changed me and healed me, I am grateful to have read this book. I am so, so grateful. Please pick up a copy, Harmonic Feedback is astonishing.

Notes on the Names: Andrea, nickname Drea is cool, it fit the character, though it’s not a personal favorite. Naomi is a perfect name for the character, Naomi means ‘Joy,’ which is very Naomi-esque, she is Drea’s joy. Justin was my first major crushes name, and though he did not make the perfect boyfriend, Justin from HF is my newest literary love. He can step off the page and into my life any time he wants.

Thoughts on the Cover: This cover is a scene taken right from the book and exactly what I would have designed myself. J’adore to the moon and back! I want a poster of this to hang on my walls!

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Dazzling Mage said...

I've read awesome reviews about this book, and yours only adds to my excitement to read this! Awesome review.