Wednesday, December 8, 2010

100 Followers! WHAT?!

It’s Thursday, time for some Blog updates, seems like there are a lot of these lately. When the year winds down, we bloggers wind up, it seems.

Beth, whose book, Across The Universe is eagerly awaited by myself and so many bloggers and readers alike is holding an Epic contest of Epic proportions. I can't belive it, but there are 100 prizes!?!?!?! Oh. My Gosh. Enter Here.

I am going for another challenge, this one I want everyone in on! The Book Vixen is challenging us to read more than last year and I for one plan to do so. This will be my “number” challenge, so I plan to read 132 books in 2011, which is 16 more than I have read as of today. I will change the number if I read 16 books in this month, though it is possible, I consider it doubtful.

Page Turner Input Needed!

Have y’all heard of Best I've Read of 2011 by Books Complete Me? It’s awesome! I had planned to do something similar, though not quite as monumental. I am going to assign “awards” to books I’ve read this year, some will be 2010 debuts, but not all. I need you to tell me in the comments on this post, or in the comments of Second Hand Saturday #4, what categories you want to see me fill.

As a bonus, if I like your category, and you leave both your name and blog URL, I will credit you and link back to your blog! Awesome, right?

Finally: GOLLY GEE WOWZERS, I have 100 followers! This completely crept up on me, back in September there were 13 of you, it’s the beginning of September and there are 100 Page-Turners. I want to thank you all so, so, so much, really, I was excited at 10, ecstatic at 20, flabbergasted at 30, in awe by 50 and completely taken aback by the hundred of you. I wish I could hug you personally, and I wish I had a cool contest to offer, but I don’t. All I can do is this, if you are one of the original 100, go and leave a comment on the Second Hand Saturday post this week telling me, and you will be given an extra ten entries. I will check, no lying!

I am throwing down the gauntlet: Can we reach 250 followers by June 22? That so happens to be my birthday! If we do, I promise a HUGE giveaway. Massive, to make up for this snafu.

Right now Kim Harrington author of the Debut novel, Clarity, if having the coolest contest ever! And, let's face it, I hope you don't win. Kim, here is some bribery for you. I will take gorgeous Messenger Photography pictures of Clarity every where I go if I win!

Finally, I am hosting a Ginormous Valentine’s Event. I will be hosting some pretty hott authors up in here, there is going to be a contest featuring photography and the prize is a signed copy of a book I KNOW everyone will go delirious for and many lovely reviews will be posted! More details will come, but if you begin spreading the word now who knows how that will help later...


Gabrielle Carolina

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