Monday, October 25, 2010

Sea Change

Sea Change by Aimee Friedman

Many are drawn to Selkie Island. Few know why…

My review:

I have very mixed feelings about this book, my mixed feelings being, I loved it and what just happened here? My biggest “complaint” was that the book was too secretive and thank God Aimee announced that there will be a sequel, since most of our questions weren’t answered, merely our thoughts provoked.

I don’t want to complain too much, because I think it is a haunting, and stunning book! Sea Change was ripe in it’s setting and mystery; I felt enveloped by the fog of the island every time I cracked open the cover. I loved the characters, and I felt they were consistent.

The love story was lovely, I really thought the old southern princess and pauper bits were well emphasized, being southern myself, Aimee knew of whom she wrote, without making caricatures of her characters. Leo is super sweet and an absolute literary crush! I kind of thought it would have been interesting to make T.J. more likable, so that even though there was a choice between two guys who really felt for her, there was simply no contest! Leo loves Miranda, hooray!

I can’t wait for the sequel and am waiting with baited (no pun intended) breathe!

Thoughts on the cover: Such a mysterious cover, and so beautiful it hurts! The female model has such gorgeous make up on, and looks just as I imagined Miranda, however “Leo” looks more Teddy-like to me, which is all in my own mind, but it bugs me a little. Buy a hardback copy, it’s shiny, and has these gorgeous Ivy-leaf patterns near the spine.

Notes on the Names: This book is chock-full of astonishing name choices! Seriously delirious and my favorite aspect of the novel. Miranda was a name invented by Shakespeare for his play (don’t you hate when people call his works “books?”) The Tempest and Leo (full name Leomaris, Lion of the Sea) points this out, which is grate, it makes it less cheesy! Theodore, nn T.J., is totally the southern boy your mamma wants you to marry, so that was an effortless, and stunning choice. I only, only wish his nickname had been Teddy instead of using his initials, that bugged me a bit. The girl posse was Cecilia, called CeeCee, Jacqueline and Virginia, which, hah, Virgin, she was not. The boy posse consisted of Macon, Lyndon and Bobby which all seemed unique and spunky. Delilah and Amelia Blue were the mothers and bore my favorite monikers of all!

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