Saturday, October 16, 2010

Remake the cover contest: Matched

Cover of Ally Condie's Matched

My remade cover of Matched

This is my entry for Squeaky Books remake the cover contest for Matched by Ally Condie.

First, please click on my picture so you can see the full effect, Blog space runs a little small for my photography, but it's more engaging closer up. Thank you, now, read on! :)

I wanted to tell you a little about my entry; it is entirely hand made, I didn’t use a stock photo or anything of the sort, just so you know and the design of the hearts is mine.

The two hearts symbolise how the Matched society does things, they find a Soul, they find a Mate and they make them Soulmates. As you can see the cut down the middle does not correspond to the other, as it should, like a puzzle piece. In the distance, near the light, you can see a half-heart, written, in blue, it reads, Soul, just like the first piece in the Matched set.

The green labyrinth design is used on the separated (meant to be) hearts because I believe in the story the two go on a journey to unmask the Matching as dictatorship, and they have to go the extra mile to end up together.

I wanted to use the original color-scheme, the green and the white, but the black, with the small amount of light pouring in made the grander statement while I was editing my photo. I did use much of the green however, and the Soul(s) are pink and blue, while Mate is purple. A blackness divides the whole heart, which doesn’t Match to begin with.

The quote is from Bronte’s Wuthering Heights and it reads- “Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same. The His being in the same blue Soul is written in. This quote is not from the book, and as far as I know (not having read it yet, but dying to!) was not quoted in the book. Any coincidences are purely that as I think the quote works perfectly for the message I am trying to display on my “cover.”

I wanted the title, Matched, to look a bit clinical, futuristic and still flashy, I was very pleased with the font.

The little words in the lower left hand corner say Messenger Photography, which is my photography label. This means that this photo is mine and may not be recopied without my permission.

I really hope you love it, I wanted to go the extra mile and I enjoyed my day of creativity, once I had the idea in my mind I couldn’t wait to role with it and I just love how it came out!


Gabrielle Carolina <3


Miranda said...

That is my absolute favorite line from Wuthering Heights. It makes my heart beat faster every time I read it. I love it! I'll be voting!

Gabrielle Carolina said...

Thanks M, I love Wuthering Heights!