Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Audrey, Wait!

Audrey, Wait! By Robin Benway

What if you were the one on everybody’s lips? Audrey is about to find out how unfortunate it is to be famous.

Every page was a new adventure, a diary set in novel format was so refreshing; fans of Meg Cabot will get a kick out of this book about a young girl catapulted into fame after her ex writes the hit single of the year, “Audrey, wait!”

My review

Oh my goodness, I haven’t laughed so hard in ages! Ages and ages, waiting for that funny, funny book and now that’s over I’m still cracking up at the most memorable characters!

The characters were the absolute crux of the novel and so I think the best way to review the book is by reviewing the characters.

Audrey: Love the name choice, I could really hear it in the lyrics and I think the “Aud” “odd” comments were so funny. This chick would not let up, her sarcastic optimism was ever present and the issues she grappled with were very “down to earth” amidst the crazy surrounding her. I love that Audrey kept making mistakes until she finally decided to take the bull by the horns, I think her message will transcend for girls of all ages!

Evan: Never really liked the name and thought it wasn’t “star-stuff” enough. I rhyme! For writing such a ballsy song and being a general jerk about a bound-to-happen break-up the guy wasn’t half bad, in fact the post relationship between him and Audrey was perfectly set up. The fact that he gave her time for her say was awesome and Benway really helped make up for the fact that he wrote that song, you know, the song.

Victoria: Don’t call her Vicky. My personal favorite character, I want a sequel where Victoria goes off and does her thing and she and Jonah’s relationship is front and center! I kept picturing Alice from Twilight, only on pixie-stix and sarcasm. Here’s all you need to say about Victoria, after an epically unfortunate episode with a bad rockstar, Victoria brings Audrey a hammer with coffee, so they can smash the cds!

Jonah: I think this is my very favorite name and gave me a great visual right off the bat! Victoria’s other half and an asset to the book, I want him driving my car while being generally unbudging!

James: I wish she had chosen something a little less plain, just a smidgen more since James is in fact very deep, interesting and multi-leveled. He’s irish, he’s quiet, he’s sexy in that library geeky way. He loves music and did I mention Irish?! He’s my dream man come to life, watching me dance and getting generally choked up when I ask simple questions!

Audrey’s Parents: If I didn’t love my parents so much I would adopt these people, seriously, they tag team and it gets really good.

Simon: Hah, Simon, I really like the name and the character was well written, really well written, but I sort of wanted something more Brit and pretentious, almost like his parents were planning on him acting like he was such a big deal. Like Bazil, nickname Baz, or Sebastian, or Brennan, hmm, though Simon Lolita does sound “too cool for school.”

A note on the author: I am looking forward to reading Mrs. Benway’s newest novel! Seen below.

Robin Benway is a great storyteller and has a very rare ability to give every character dimensions, visuals, a story, dreams, likes, dislikes, a past, a present and a future even while we remain only in Audrey’s mind. Even though this book is all humor, the writing is a work of literary genius and really encourage you to read it, even if you normally aim for the deeply emotional, or physcologically themed storyline I think you will be pleasantly surprised by this read!

Thoughts on the cover: I really don’t love either cover, I own the paperback version, which I like a little better because I loved reading about how she threw outfits together, it screamed funky teenager and I like how that was accurately portrayed. The model is spot-on; I swore I was seeing Audrey every time I looked at it!

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