Wednesday, August 25, 2010

For the Love of Faerie!

Premise of Wondrous Strange:

Kelly is a young actress drawn to the mysterious and tranquil beauty of Central Park. Little does she know that the park serves as a gate to the land of Fae, a land she was born to rule. When Kelly meets Janus Guard, Sonny Flannery, her world, and her heart are twisted round. Will Kelly take up her birthright in time to save both her mortal world, and her homeland from impending destruction? Will Kelly let herself fall in love?
Premise of Darklight:

While Sonny Flannery is away, dealing with the aftermath of the Wild Hunt, Kelly is alone in New York City, rehearsing lines at the Avalon and wishing her true Romeo was by her side. When a strange man sends her tumbling back into the land of Fae, Kelly can hardly wait to be with Sonny once again! Sonny is changing, and even he cannot fathom the blood magick that rests within him, can Kelly save there love, or are they destined to end as Romeo and Juliet did?

My review

I’m reviewing them both because, people, it’s a trilogy, you can’t spoil the second one knowing there is a second one! I love these books, I really do. They aren’t life changing, they aren’t thought provoking, but they aren’t that typical trashy read you would associate with “Just a fun read.” Wondrous Strange begins the trilogy in a very whimsy way, the progression throughout the story- and into Darklight- is so moving, you go from Wondrous to Dark and then I am assuming we will hit the Tempest in “Tempestuous” which will be out this December! I can hardly wait! Livington is nothing if not subtle, many of her plot twists hitting you when you least expect them, after slowing simmering, sparking and burning! The pacing of the story is the number one reason these are such great books, some mysteries from “Wondrous” are being carried through to “Tempestuous,” which is such fun for me, as I am always guessing the plots too early to really enjoy them. These novels are tricking me left and right! I love it! The characters are very cool, The Janus Guard being filled with very unique personalities and handsome men, which, come on, you have to be excited about. The politics of the four fae courts are interesting and you’ll be surprised by some of the mythological creatures that reside in the four fae kingdom. My only complaint resides in the second book. I think the choice of “Romeo and Juliet” as the cornerstone for “Darklight” was superb, but I wanted more! I wanted more of the R+J plot influencing the story, instead of using the title and using a semblance of the ending. That is the only complaint however and these are a very clean read in my opinion. No cursing, no sex and the Magick isn’t sorcery, witchcraft and the like, this is a faerie book to be sure, but I don’t consider them to be filled with darkness or evil.

Cover concepts: Can I explain how much I love these covers? No, I can’t, but take a look and you will see! The W.S cover is very dreamlike and you see it as if through a Fae sleep, perfect! Darklight focuses more on the heroine herself, and of course that which she is wearing. Did the necklace seem too pretty for you? It did for me, and too small, but I still love the covers.

Names: I think the Goodfellow/Puck/Bob bit is a stitch and had to be mentioned! I also love the names of the Janus (I also love the use of Janus in this context!) especially when Livingston refers to Fennrys as “The Fennrys Wolf” it gives you a great visual for the human character. Bellamy, Maddox, Emmeline, Winslow (surname), Chloe and Fennrys are my top picks! Fennrys would be a gret way to get the Fenn/Finn nickname everyone is craving. And speaking of nicknames, but hello, I want my boyfriend to give me a cute pet name like 'Firecracker!'

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