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Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles

Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles

Told in alternating narratives, Perfect Chemistry portrays a romance between two unlikely lab partners. Brittany is her Chicago high school's "golden girl" but few of her friends know that her parents are totally dysfunctional and that she is highly invested in caring for her physically and mentally disabled older sister. Alex is a member of the Latino Blood, but he wishes he could leave gang life and pursue a college career. The plot thickens as Alex accepts a bet from a friend that he cannot bed Brittany by Thanksgiving. Smoldering doesn't quite do justice to the romantic banter that sparks between them. As the story unfolds, Alex is incarcerated and later hospitalized. Raw language and Spanish phrases that Anglo readers might feel obligated to investigate further are peppered throughout. The pace picks up too quickly at the end, leaving readers wondering if they missed something as time that has previously been marked day by day begins to clip along in five-month increments. Overall though, this is a solid romance that's suitable for reluctant readers.—Leah Krippner, Harlem High School, Machesney Park, IL


Sizzle, spice and everything muy beuno! Gosh, I just lost myself in this book, the cliché character’s were given new voices at the hands of Simone Elkeles who executed the culmination of the two world’s seamlessly. Alex and his friend’s carry their own male persona’s without being overtly crude, or A-typical. Brittany’s character will surprise most people, not the fact that she doesn’t really have a perfect life, but the way she interacts with Alex is daring and bold.
The subtle interweaving’s of Alex allowing Brittany to loose her perfect façade are something to watch for, it really authenticates their love story and makes it much more than a high school fling. You will laugh at least once a chapter, and Mamacita will become your new favorite word. Pick it up, you won’t put it down.
The climax rushed past me and I couldn’t really put two and two together until I gave the situation the benefit of the doubt. The events that transpire after the climax are the real heart-tuggers.
A word on the cover: the two models they used are perfect for the story, I couldn’t get this duo’s look out of my head!
Notable names: Isa, I love Isa, it’s on my name list as a nickname for Ireland, not Isabel, as it is for the character in the book. Alejandro, I agree with Mrs. Fuentes, Alex should use his proper name more often and I’ve sure the popularity of this name will only spike now that Lady Gaga has crooned his name in her pop-culture fashion.
So, the big question, did it make it onto the Mod-Podge Bookshelf… absolutely! It’s waiting to be joined by it’s sequel, “Rules of Attraction.” If you have a copy and would like to trade me so I can review it, check out my ST here- or leave a comment below!

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