Friday, August 1, 2014

Book Blast & INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY: The Shadows of Paradise City

 Are you a shadow?


The Shadows of Paradise City follows fifteen-year-old Benjamin as his post-high-school-dropout world unfurls, chronicling his time as a graveyard dishwasher at the campy International Café, his time at the library where he pursues an education and prepares for the high school proficiency exam with eighteen-year-old college dropout Bayer Eitenne’s help, and his time as an unwitting drug runner for a shady cafe patron. 

Things go bad the night before the exam when Benjamin is robbed of a drug delivery he has stuffed into his pants. 

Johnson, Benjamin’s drug dealing boss, pursues the thieves on a maniacal quest to get the drugs back, dragging Benjamin along with him. As his world closes in around him and the stakes increase, Benjamin must come up with a plan to escape this mess, which threatens not only his future but his life as well. 

The Shadows of Paradise City humorously explores the nature of education and friendship, but more importantly, chronicles the significant and often ironic events and people who shape our lives.

-Praise for The Shadows of Paradise City

"Rich in atmosphere and ideas, The Shadows of Paradise City thoughtfully explores the notion that sometimes our best education happens when we leave the classroom and open our eyes to what the world has to offer.  I rooted for Benjamin through every lesson."  

--Kim Culbertson, author of 2012 Northern California Book Award Winner, Instructions for a Broken Heart.

Brad Allen Hoover teaches high school English in the foothills of Northern California. He can be contacted at

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Belle333Black said...

I would buy the rest of the Graceling Realm series (the last two books) or perhaps the Skylar series in hardcover (they are so pretty)

Jamie Coudeville in the giveaway

Rebecca Hipworth said...

Thanks for the giveaway! I'm not sure what I'd pick yet... maybe something by Richelle Mead.

Christine said...

I'd probably buy Throne of Glass :D

ItHadtobeYou said...

I would probably try to complete my Divergent Series :) Thank you for this giveaway!

Alyssa Edradan said...

In case I win I'd choose 2 Sanderson books. Preferably the Mistborn series.

Margarita Cubian said...

I would like to buy the first two books in the Legend series if I win. :)