Sunday, March 16, 2014

Interview with Author Sugar Jamison

Today I am interviewing a new heroine of mine, Sugar Jamison, who has written three romance novels I believe will be the Perfect Fit for you and for me!

SJ: Thanks for having me!

GC: I'm THRILLED to have you, Sugar! 

Let's get started:

Why do you think it is important to write books about "curvy" or "plus-sized" women? Particularly in the romance genre? 

SJ: Because plus sized women are everywhere. We fall in love and have romance and want the same things as any other woman. I think curvy girls need to see them in books and on television and in magazines because that’s the reality of the world.

GC: Amen. What do you think of your illustrated covers? Would you have preferred to have seen a plus-sized model on the cover, rather than an illustration? Or do you feel the illustrated covers convey the story as a whole, rather than focusing on what could be called (but shouldn't be) an unlikely heroine? 

SJ: When I first saw the cover for Dangerous Curves Ahead I was surprised. I really didn’t know how they would portray Ellis  and Mike. I knew that there probably weren’t going to be a lot of cover model options out there. But I really love my covers. I think they stand out and they tell a piece of the story. 

GC: I know I fist-pumped the air when I first read the premise to Thrown For a Curve and its companions, what other reactions have you garnered? Do you find those reactions appropriate? 

SJ: Most of the reactions I get are 'thank yous'. Women have really reached out to me, happy that they have a romance heroine who looks like them and has the same issues about her body as them.

GC: Describe your books in five words or less!

SJ: Funny, sexy, realistic. 

GC: What can we expect from you in the future?

SJ: GENTLEMEN PREFER CURVES will be out in the fall. It’s the third book in my Perfect Fit series and it was a blast to write!

GC: SQUEE! Belinda looks like ME! How often do you get to say that, readers?  


Lizzy said...

I've got Dangerous Curves Ahead on my shelf right now and I can't wait to read it!

Kindlemom said...

These all look like great reads!