Sunday, August 4, 2013

Blog Tour: Some Quiet Place + Giveaway! Villain & Heroine

Today I am especially excited to reveal the Heroine & Villain of my best friend's debut novel, Some Quiet Place!


Elizabeth Caldwell

Physical Traits: 

[Mother] scrubs a dish so hard that she slips a bit and dishwater splashes over the edge of the sink. 

I think, not for the first time, of how different we
are, yet it’s her I look like the most. 

Both of us tall, slender, blond and blue-eyed.

A Little-Known Fact: 

Elizabeth is constantly late.

“You already have more tardies than everyone else,” Fear says, appearing at my side. “One more isn’t going to hurt.” 

He sits down and cool air rushes into my face. He smells of dew and sunlight and horror. 

“Why is that, by the way?” he adds, small wrinkles appearing in his otherwise smooth forehead. “You’re a robot in every other aspect, but you can never seem to make it to class on time.”

Quote from SQP: 

“People are so complex. They want to hear the truth, but they want you to lie to them.”



One scene occurs over and over in the brush strokes, differing only in angles and colors. One place, one event: a beautiful girl I’ve never met before is crying out, cradling a limp boy in her arms. They look like they could be my age, or a little older. The boy’s eyes are closed, his expression one of peace. There are trees all around, and out of the darkness, a hulking, faceless form emerges. No way to tell who or what it is, since it’s surrounded by tendrils of darkness. It stands over the weeping girl, looking at the motionless boy she holds, but she doesn’t seem to notice it.

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sarah corbin said...

i thinking the earth element would be for me.. thanks for the giveaway!!