Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Victoria Rebels Blog Tour: Interview With Queen Victoria

Today her Majesty, Queen Victoria, is here on The Mod Podge Bookshelf to close the Victoria Rebels blog tour. 

GC: Victoria, how old were you when you took the throne and how long did you reign?

V: I had just turned eighteen when my poor dear uncle, King William, died. I was informed of his death at six in the morning of the twentieth of June 1837, and I proud to say that I ruled for nearly sixty-four years.

GC: Wow, that's a long time!

V: Indeed it is! Longer than Queen Elizabeth II, the current queen, who as of this date has ruled for sixty-one years. She looks like a healthy, happy woman, and she may well live to exceed the length of  my reign.

GC: During your reign who sat beside you and how many heirs did you leave?

V: My dearest Albert was beside me for twenty-five of those years, until his tragic death at the age of 42. I had to go for another thirty-nine years without him, and believe me, it was not easy. In fact, I never fully recovered from my loss. We had nine children, and I like to say that I was often called "the Grandmother of Europe," because my children married well and their children occupied many of the thrones. Among them was Tsarina Alexandra of Russia, mother of Anastasia, but also one of whom I am less proud, Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany. 

GC: The Victorian Era has become a popular time in Historical Fiction- why do you think your time is so celebrated and what are some of the major similarities and differences between my time and yours?

V: I gave my name to an era that has come to mean a very high level of civility and elegance, and I think that is admired and appreciated by today's young people. I must say that I am very proud indeed of my several-times-great-grandson, Prince William, and his lovely wife, Kate Middleton, now Duchess of Cambridge. She would have fit so beautifully into my court! 

There are some changes that I truly believe are for the better. I shall never forget being taken on a fox hunt when I was quite young, and I was appalled at the way that poor animal was treated. I understand that many people have protested the hunts, and I firmly support them. It should have been protested in my time as well, although I would have gotten quite an argument on that.

GC: What is one very fashionable thing that was trending in your time that you think should be en vogue in mine?

V: A bit more modesty is in order today. Some of the clothing worn by young people is scandalous! And things that are made public today were very much private matters in my time. This thing called television, and cinema too,  in which the most private acts are demonstrated for all to see make a mockery of the most intimate acts between husband and wife. And sometimes the people are not even married! I didn't even kiss Albert until we were engaged, we were scarcely ever alone, but I will tell you that our marriage was a very passionate one. And that's as it should be!

GC: And finally, how do you feel about being the latest young royal in Carolyn Meyer's amazing series?

V: I was a great admirer of Charles Dickens, and I read every novel of Jane Austen's, so I like very much that an American author has been interested enough in my life to endeavor to present it in a way that will appeal to young readers. I AM VERY MUCH AMUSED!

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Bookworm1858 said...

I've been fascinated with Queen Victoria ever since reading her "Royal Diary" as a kid. Excited to read Meyer's take on her!