Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas in Wonderland

I am very excited to say that this is my 750th MPB post!

Welcome to the official Amulet Christmas in Wonderland  Tour! 

During the Twelve Days of SPLINTERED, we’ll visit exclusive places, creatures, and traditions from A.G. Howard’s Splintered version of Wonderland, each celebrating Christmas in their own unique way. Some stops will offer small prizes as we go along, and at the end of the twelve-day tour, there will be a *Frabjous Giveaway* with prizes of MAD proportions at A.G. Howard’s website (including signed hardbacks of SPLINTERED, a SPLINTERED poster, a set of SPLINTERED playing cards, and a SPLINTERED wristlet purse). 

Just be sure to keep up with the highlighted words!
Entry details and pictures of prizes will be revealed on the final tour stop. 

Here is the official schedule:

12/3 Mr. Dodo's House @ I Am A Reader, Not A Writer
12/4 Ivory Queen's Castle @ Reading Angel 
12/5 The Red Queen's Castle @ Krazy Book Lady
12/6 Christmas Tea Party @ Katie's Book Blog
12/7 Gifts in Wonderland @ Icey Books
12/10 Wonderland Fashion @ ReadingTeen
12/11 The Ocean of Tears & The Zombie Flower Forrest @ The Mod Podge Bookshelf
12/12 Wonderland's Historic Library @ Book Hounds YA
 12/13 Wonderland's Secrets @ Mundie Moms
12/14 The Spritelings @ Pages From My Thoughts
12/17 Butterfly Threads @ Jennifer Daiker
12/18 Visting Hour at the Asylum @ Crossroad Reviews


Anita Grace Howard said...

EEEEK! I'm so excited, G! BTW, totally agree w/your comments on our Splintered pinterest "casting" board. Heh. Oh, except that I'm STILL picturing Ben Barnes. It's that accent. *swoons* Thanks for your wonderful ideas and hard work on the tour! <3

Anita Grace Howard said...

P.S. Congrats on 750 posts! Wow.