Thursday, December 13, 2012

2012 Author Wrap-Up with Justina Ireland

GC: What is best book you read in 2012?

JI: This is Not a Test by Courtney Summers.  I am a total Courtney Summers fan girl.  I love her books.

GC: What was your favorite thing you wrote in 2012?

JI: My kiddo is really into knock-knock jokes.  So I wrote a bunch for her.  They were all incredibly lame, but she liked them J

GC: What was your biggest writing struggle in 2012, and how did you overcome it?

JI: Writing “Book 2”, the option book, on my current contract with S&S.  Second books are hard, because there’s all of these expectations wrapped up with them.  It took a lot of coffee and cupcakes to get through it.

GC: What can readers expect from you in the new year?

JI: A debut in April (yay!).

GC: Write down your 'Writing Resolution of 2013!'

JI: Keep writing, keep improving, and keep eating cupcakes. 

Justina Ireland
Vengeance Bound (April 2013, S&S BFYR)
Twitter:  @tehawesomersace

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