Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sirens Trailer Debut

The 1920's. 

Flappers and Prohibition, gangsters and guns.

 SIRENS, a young adult novel by Janet Fox set in New York in 1925, has it all and more!

Josephine Winter, seventeen, is sent to live with relatives in New York City after her bootlegging father receives a threat, but bookish Jo harbors her own secrets. She finds friendship with lively Louise O’Keefe and romance with sweet jazz musician Charlie. But haunted by the spirit of her missing brother, Jo uncovers a nest of family lies that threaten everyone she loves, and Lou, in the thrall of the dangerous, seductive gangster Daniel Connor, is both Jo’s best friend and potential enemy. As Jo unlocks dark mysteries and Lou’s eyes are opened, the girls’ treacherous paths intertwine. Jo and Lou together will have to stand up to Connor in order to find their hearts and hang onto their souls in the “decade of decadence.”

Sounds fabulous, doesn't it? 

Follow the link to win a lovely feather headband and some jazzy pearls on the author's blog!

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Thanks so much, Gabrielle! Hugs - Janet