Sunday, July 29, 2012

Collision by Stefne Miller: the Movie

Stefne Miller, author of the independently-published novel, Collision, is having her novel turned into a film!

Isn't that awesome?

Of course, since this is such a maverick production, readers and bloggers must a'get to'a fundraising, a minimum of $10,000!

"These funds will cover the expense of having a script and treatment written, which we can then take to possible investors and also actors who we would like to consider taking part in the film."

If you're interested in donating please go HERE and consider being a part of this grass-roots project! You will be receiving a Reward pack (described on the Kickstarter Page) and entering to win the opportunity of being an extra on the set!

If you choose to donate, please follow up with an e-mail to both Stefne and I saying that I, Gabrielle Carolina of The Mod Podge Bookshelf, referred you.

Stefne's e-mail is:

And if you send me the e-mail you send Stefne you can enter to win an ARC of The Spindlers by Lauren Oliver from MPB!

My e-mail is:

Fine print stuff: The awards/packages only apply if at least $10,000 is raised on the Kickstarter campaign. If $10,000 is not raised, the project does not receive any of the funds and those who chose to contribute are not charged the amount they pledged. (See Kickstarter for more information)

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