Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Insurgent Vacation

As part of the Dark Days Blog Tour featuring Insurgent, Candor REPRESENT! HarperTeen asked me to answer the following question:

HT: Like all book lovers, you choose your vacation destination based on what you're reading.

Lucky you— a magical genie is granting you and your copy of INSURGENT a summer trip. If you could read INSURGENT anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

Here's something you may not know about me, however you might suspect anyway.

I want to go EVERYWHERE.

I have a 'Let's Get Lost' board on Pinterest and I think Insurgent would look equally great on the beaches of Capri as it would at an outdoor market in India. This presents a problem.

Favorite: Capri, Capri, Capri

Where should Insurgent and I go?

We could head cross-country, just a girl, her book, and a bar car of chocolate.


We could trek the Great Wall of China, or sit in a Parisian cafe together, ordering drink after drink to reserve our seat.

sidewalk cafe, paris

I considered saying "One Hundred Years into the Future to see if Roth's world becomes our own." 

However, I realized that the book already transports the reader to the future, making our present Tris's past. Time machines are rarely needed when one has a book in hand.

But, I thought to myself,I've never been to Chicago.


This thought was followed up rather quickly with a sigh.

I want to go...

So I've decided that's where Insurgent and I would take our holiday.

I would like to have my copy with me while riding the train, watching the skyline and crossing the streets. 

I think it would be brilliant, watching the two worlds I currently inhabit layer upon each other. 

Train in Chicago

How could we get there from here, I might ask myself as I flipped the page.

I suppose we would take a trip...

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