Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mod Podge Thoughts (5)

I Now Pronounce You Someone Else

by Erin McCahan


I love this book and adore this couple. I sent this song to Erin; we think it fits the book perfectly.


by Jill Hathaway


I didn't finish this one. My 'thot?' Been there, read that.

Immortal Beloved

by Cate Tiernan


Though suffering from a serious case of series syndrome, Tiernan somehow kept me completely entertained through four-hundred-plus pages of this novel where nothing actually happened. I will be reading the sequel, for sure.

Don't Breathe A Word

by Holly Cupala


If a YA reader claimed to hate contemporary fiction, I would hand them this novel.

Eleven Minutes: Exclusive Tie-In Story

by Megan Miranda


I enjoyed this short story, told from Decker's POV, much more than the actual book. I also felt that Miranda accomplished her intended purpose in Fracture within these few pages.

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Bookish Brunette said...

BAHAHAHAHA!!! I've been on the fence about reading Immortal Beloved!!! But thatglowing recommendation TOTALLY sold me chick! Love it!