Sunday, November 20, 2011

IMM 47: Thanks

In which I can sleep soundly and I name drop like some kind of tool...

Thanks to:

Entangeled Press

Tor Teen

Kelsey Sutton

Tulip Noir


Nicole @ All I Ever Read said...

Nice books this week.

Daughters of Rome is a prequel to Mistress of Rome. Both are excellent!


Kritter said...

I plan my day around watching the parade!! 28 and still watching!

Giselle said...

Yay for Article 5! Can't wait to read that one!

Xpresso Reads

Alba said...

loving the look!! very Anna DiB indeed lol OMG! you always get tons! I really want to read Touch!!

happy reading!
here's what I got this week if you'd like to drop by ->

Kelsey said...

Awwww you didn't have to mention me! LOL. You are very welcome. I'm glad you finally got it and that you're enjoying it. Talk to you soon, my friend!