Saturday, September 24, 2011

Contest Craze: Lovers and Covers

Time to play catch-up!

Mini-challenge one is 'Who should be a couple?'

I wanted to give Jenna from Wither by Lauren Destefano someone lovely for her own, so here we go.

Jenna & Archer, from Fire by Kristin Cashore



But, like all good couples who deserve each other and are tragically separated, these characters are regrettably in two different books. Besides, they have another important distancing thing in common, which I'll keep mum on for those who haven't been wise enough to pick up these gorgeous novels!


Mini-Challenge Two:

Re-design a cover contest!

Here is my entry, which is a cover for Hannah Moskowitz's Invincible Summer.

Contest craze and the "couple" mini-challenge hosted by Cindy @ Princess Bookie

Cover re-design mini-challenge hosted by Ashley Suzanne

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Ashley Suzanne said...

Love it. LOL :] Thanks for playing along!