Friday, March 11, 2011

My dream date with a TV character

Okay, this took me a while. I tried to write something funny, but my heart wasn’t in it, so we will go with something real (as real as this could get, let’s face it these guys are like six inches tall and we aren’t fairies.)
I would go out on a date with Jess Mariano from Gilmore Girls
Points of interest:
He reads
He has a bad-boy vibe which he later cleans up when he owns...
He owns a book shop and not just any kind, but a super indie, off the beaten path, my-existentialistic-tendencies-are-something-to-be-enamoured-of kind of book store with crazy art you are suppose to spit upon. It is how the artist intended it after all. 
He is persistent and has a one-track mind as far as a certain OTHER WOMAN is concerned... I hate you Rory Gilmore.
Bad point? He smokes. But he’s still a good kisser!
So where do we go?
We go to dinner at this tiny Thai place where you eat on the floor and order ten dishes for each table, the food is amazing, the conversation is flowing and we talk for hours. 
Eventually we leave the restaurant and stroll down the streets of the local art district, pointing at window displays and graffiti-Michealangelo’s until we arrive at the midnight Cinema. 
They happen to be playing Bringing Up Baby followed by The Philadelphia Story, we stay for both. 
Around Four in the morning he walks me to the train depot. The walkway is filled with somber, official-looking businessmen and women, all looking at us like they know how we filled the pre-dawn hours, but of course they are wrong. 
The Metro arrives and I walk in, squeezing to stay close to the door. I can see his breath in the cold and he puts his palm up against the glass; I match him finger for finger. After all, Palm to Palm is Holy Palmers Kiss...
The train starts to pull away and I lean against the door jam, our hand prints still perfectly outlined on the cold glass.
Yes, I should be a romance novelist. 


Erin said...

Oh man, SUCH a great choice!!! I adored Jess! And your date...yes, you should be a romance novelist!

Thanks for sharing your answer. It made me smile. =)

Erin @ Quitting My Day Job

nfmgirl said...

Thanks for throwing in a little Shakespeare! One of my favorite lines!