Monday, March 21, 2011

Contest Craze: Re-pair-ing Fractured Couples

Today, in honor of Contest Craze, I am participating in a really, really, really cool mini-Challenge, hosted by A Good Addiction.

I am suppose to take two characters from two books and unite them in Holy Literary. Hence the Punful title. ;)

So who shall I choose? I don't want to rip apart a perfectly good couple; even if I am madly in love with Ash, still a bit infatuated with Edward and know I will probably marry a man like Peeta, that doesn't mean I am not sold out on the idea that Meghan, Bella and Katniss really are their other halves, you know?

So let's start with a tragic heroine, a girl so very deserving of true love, but one for whom bad decisions have befallen right to tragic endings. Ruby Jacinski, from Christine Fletcher's Ten Cents a Dance is a perfect example.

Fiery, passionate, struggling and hard after years working to save her family from poverty, Ruby has the weight of the world on her shoulders, she needs someone who can take her somewhere else... while in the same time period... or is he?

I am pairing her with Henry from Heather Davis's The Clearing. Henry is a true gentleman, and use to helping heal girls after their previous experiences with bad boys. He will cool Ruby's fire so that she can spread a slow, effective burn and help change the world, instead of burning herself out. Henry deserves a love story that will span centuries...

I, as a blogger, reader and general fan of all things Ten Cents and Clearing, do pronounce on this day that this couple shall be joined in Holy Literary from this day forth, forever and ever, as long as the authors approve.

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