Friday, February 4, 2011

The Secret Life of Prince Charming

The Secret Life of Prince Charming
Author: Deb Caletti
Publisher: Simon Pulse 
Pages: 322
Read Time: 3 days
Rating (1-5): 5
Tag Words: Valentines Event, ABC Book Challenge (S), words of wisdom, being dumped, returning lost things, cheating, becoming sisters, accepting parental reality, child psychology, sincere boys
My Summary:
Quinn is the one who discovers that their father has been taking things from the women he’s known, physical items that he displays like trophee’s in his den. 
Frances Lee is the one who suggests they give it all back. 
Charlotte is the one who tags along and reveals the truth to both of her sisters; their dad has been taking more than paintings, desk ornaments and tribal masks. And their moms aren’t the only ones suffering from his selfishness. 
Three sisters, one road trip, endless words of wisdom. 

My Review:
How does she do it? No, really! How did Caletti write this? How could anyone have that much wisdom under their belt? I would think it would take a whole team to assemble that many soliloquy’s on the ups and downs of love, lust, like and all that comes in between and after. Some how, Caletti did it, and I am glad to say I learned from her. 
Everyone is going to have a favorite character, I’ve passed this book along to my mother and grandmother, I’m thinking of giving it to my aunt’s for their birthdays, because we are all in this freaking book! All of us, you too, I swear you are!
Personally, I am Frances Lee, and Frankie spoke to me like a bullhorn in my ear; I’m still reading most of what she said, just to make sure I remember. Whoever you ‘are’ in this book, I hope you remember the words and apply them to your life. That is all I am going to say.

The book did take a bit to get into, which was my only problem, but once things got going I was along for the ride! Another bonus is the sincerity of Jake, who is a non-perfect Prince Charming; very refreshing! 
Notes on the Names: I am not such a huge fan of Quinn, or Frances, or even Charlotte, but somehow the names became the characters and I loved them for that.
Thoughts on the Cover: From an editing perspective, the outer frame is too blurred, it looks unnatural. I do like the essence of the “look” and I think it’s good for the book. I really love the hardcover as well and may have to get one. Yes, I think I must. Oh Ms. Caletti.... ;) 
Parental Book Review *spoilers*
Sexual Content: 
Quinn accidentally comes in on Jake while he is using the bathroom in the buff one night. Everyone has a good laugh about it in the morning. 
Quinn’s Aunt mysteriously makes it onto a dating profile site where she is sporting a rather provocative bikini. It later comes out that Annie’s mother is the one to make the profile and she is upset by the choice of photo.

Plenty of bad language all around, using all the common words. The language is mainly dictated by which character is speaking. 
Other Notables: 

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Anonymous said...

I really need to read more Caletti. I've tried and I find that her books are very slow moving and I usually kind of abandon them which I feel totally guilty about. Love the new cover for this one. I love the blurriness of the photo with the focus being on the hands.