Monday, February 7, 2011

Follower Love Giveaway Hop

Let’s give it up for a little Follower Love!
I so appreciate how my old followers have stuck by me this first half-year and how new followers keep coming back, so I wanted to award you all with an amazing prize!

A Personalized, Signed ARC of Nightshade by Andrea Cremer!

I am going to the Breathless Reads Tour stop in Raleigh on February 25th and will ask Andrea to personalize my ARC for the winner of the contest (the ARC is already signed)!
You must be a follower to enter and can gain one extra entry by following me on Twitter HERE!

For all of you coming to MPB from I Am A Reader, Not A Writers book hop I would like to let you in on the HUGE Valentine’s Event going on around here called Hearts, Flowers and Romance, as well as release the links to all the giveaways and let you in on what is coming!

First of all, you could win one of two Finished, signed Copies of Delirium by Lauren Oliver, as well as a signed Messenger Photography Print! Find out more HERE!

You can also win a Finished, Signed Copy of Other Words for Love by Lorraine Zago Rosenthal HERE!

You could win a copy of Winter Longing by Tricia Mills if you enter HERE!

Ask Dr. Aphrodite, from Jody Gehrman’s Babe in Boyland, your Love-Related questions HERE and you will see them answered on a coming Wednesday!

You have to be a follower to enter these, and other upcoming contests on my blog, but I think you’ll find we have a lot of fun around here. The blog is seven posts a week, so you’ll always have something to read!


Hafsah @ IceyBooks said...

The form doesn't ask for name and email... so I'll enter my info here :)
Old Follower
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*Andye* said...

Thanks! :)

Lisa said...

Thanks, I'm a new follower!
twitter- @kssnnikkel

Anonymous said...

Will you be posting a winner soon? Or did I miss that announcement?